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Outstanding Consulting Services to the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Industry

Outdoor/Indoor FECs - Go-Kart Tracks - Miniature Golf Courses - Bumper Boat Ponds Concept Development   Feasibility Studies   Business Plans   Design

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Entertainment Concepts, Inc.has been providing outstanding services to the family entertainment industry for more than 29 years.  The firm has provided consulting services range from initial site evaluation, concept development, feasibility studies master plans business plans, final design, preparation of construction documents and assistance during construction.  We also offer ongoing consultation services with respect to operations and possible upgrading and facility expansion.

The firm has provided consulting services on more than 440 projects in 43 States and 11 foreign countries.  We are dedicated to designing safe, exciting and entertaining attractions that enhance our clients facilities.  Our design teams work closely with each client to create modern, guest-friendly attractions that draw guests back again and again.

Family Entertainment Study and Design Services
At Entertainment Concepts, Inc., our experienced staff offers a broad range of services dedicated to providing you a complete package that enables you to present the public with a safe, entertaining, and exciting experience in a family-friendly environment at your family entertainment facility.  Over the years our clients have benefited from creative new designs and safety features that generate repeat visits and growing attendance.

Bumper Cars, Attraction Facilities in Mount Prospect, IL
    • Site Evaluation
    • Concept Development
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Business Plans
    • Final Design Plans
    • Construction Documents
    • Construction Engineering
    • Ongoing Operations Services

Outdoor and Indoor Attractions
Each facility is designed with the intent to maximize the entertainment value provided to the guests not only in terms of the mix of attractions but in their placement to provide maximum visibility and ease of access.  We position each attraction to best present them to your guests, increasing exposure and generation of sales. 

Our site planning considers the placement of each attraction in conjuction with the others on your project site to create a final configuration that maximizes ease of flowand creates a guest friendly environment. 

Indoor Floor plan configurations receive special attention in order to arrive at maximum guest exposure and revenues.  Careful consideration to the compatibility and appeal of the attractions included.  We assist clients in selecting vendors and products with proven appeal and performance. 

The final mix of attractions for any facility is based on the market demographics, targeted age groups, existing competition, site size, existing topography and project budget. 

Entertainment Concepts, Inc.  provides services for small stand alone attractions as well as for large multi-attraction family entertainment centers and amusement parks. 

  • Miniature golf (Mini-Golf)
  • Adventure Golf
  • Golf Driving Ranges
  • Batting Cages
  • Bumper Boat Ponds
  • Go-Kart (Gocart, Gokart) Tracks
  • Indoor and outdoor FECs, Fun Centers
  • Fun Centers and Fun Parks
  • Group Picnic Areas


Contact us in Mount Prospect, Illinois, to learn more about miniature golf or go-kart attractions or other entertainment facilities.

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